Pockie Ninja Hack - Cheats 2013

Hi everyone, I'm going to share my Pockie Ninja Hack Cheats since I want everyone to enjoy their game. I made this since I don't want to spent $$$ to buy gold. I just want to enjoy the game and beat my friends. :D If you don't buy gold you can't be the best! Simple as that.

This Pockie Ninja Hack has lot's of features and works well on pockie ninja 1, 2 and social. I only use the gold generator so that it would be somehow a little bit challenging & exciting. :D 

Here's a little tutorial on Steps:
  1. Download and run the Pockie Ninja Hack
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Click Connect to all Databases 
  4. Click the check boxes where you want to generate. (I usually go for gold. :D)
  5. Enter the Amount to be generated.
  6. Press Start Hacking.
  7. After 3 mins go to your game and ENJOY!

Note: Please don't abuse the usage of the hack so that they make any updates. Thanks.

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